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In an ever-growing independent music scene, nothing is more valuable than raw, unadulterated talent. One of the most complex pursuits an artist can embark on is to blur the lines between themes and genres. That, of course, requires an immense amount of talent, dedication, and perseverance. Matt Fleming, who is also known under the moniker of One Formation, is one of those artists.

The concept of One Formation came to Fleming during a time when he was attempting to consolidate his creative endeavours under one umbrella. One Formation encompasses all genres within the multi instrumentalist’s extensive sonic palette. As such, there is no need for Fleming to use multiple aliases. One Formation is everything. From electronic, to folk, to pop, to post rock… One Formation is a one-stop-shop for the discerning music fan.

The sound of One Formation has been heavily inspired by the beautiful aural textures of Icelandic bands, the overwhelming emotion of instrumental post-rock, and the nonconformity of experimental electronic music. The songs often defy genre classification, effortlessly manoeuvring themselves between styles and themes with complete tact.

Fleming was born in Windsor, UK, where in his youth, he performed in punk rock bands. In 2008, the performer launched a solo project called ‘Uno-Mot,’ a pop effort with electronic elements. During the era of ‘Uno-Mot,’ Fleming successfully self-released two EP’s that he mixed and mastered himself. Several years later in 2011, Fleming began to formulate the basis for One Formation. Fleming studied as a sound engineer and has worked in the field as a freelancer throughout his career. He now resides between east London and Windsor, where he runs a non-profit company that creates compelling projects in music, video, and creative arts for young people. (Fleming also worked as a youth worker after his studies.)

To officially launch the One Formation project, Fleming turned to Indiegogo to crowdfund his first studio album’s release on physical media. The campaign was an overwhelming success raising 105% of its requested funds. As a result, his debut album will be available on heavyweight, double disc vinyl. The album was released digitally on the 15th of July, 2016.


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